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Loving painting is something that took me quite by surprise.  I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi, and our home was full of my grandmother's artwork.  She was phenomenally talented, diligent, and oh, so patient.  She tried for years to get a brush in my hand, but I wasn't interested in oil painting. I couldn't sit long enough to draw a tree, and was much too much of a perfectionist. Somehow, though, the seed had been planted, and years later, after becoming a  nurse and the birth (and ensuing happy chaos) of three sons, I tried again and was quickly consumed by a love for all things color, canvas and paint.

There is so much more to tell, but for now I've left my Instagram pictures.  Glance through and you might see a few flowers, some of my boys painting, and other little tidbits of what goes on day to day around my world. To see more, follow me at @candiceboatrightart! Thank you for visiting!     --Candice

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